New Homes and Office Space in Swansboro NC

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We are delighted to announce that we are working with Ward Shore Realty on a new real estate project in Swansboro, NC to be called Ward’s Farm. This project will fill several of our area’s greatest needs.

This is not going to be simply a residential neighborhood. No, Ward’s Farm is going to be developed with historic Swansboro in mind. The architecture will be styled after the buildings that stood here more than one hundred years ago. The streets will be lined with trees and the houses will have the inviting front porches of that period to foster a feeling of community.

At the entrance to the development, there will be property set aside for office and retail space available for lease. And, in keeping with the historic theme, even these buildings will reflect Swansboro architecture of the late 1800s.

We are very excited about this project and working with the developers on their goals. Swansboro has a real need for office space and the commercial offering of Ward’s Farm will certainly fill that need. In addition, the historically themed architecture will certainly make a beautiful contribution to the area’s nostalgia.

Stay tuned for progress reports and if you are interested in leasing office space or retail space, make sure to contact Ward Shore Realty for all the details.

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