Opera Web Browser Version 10

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Despite only having a 3 percent share of the web browser market, Opera remains undaunted by Internet Explorer and Firefox (60 percent and 30 percent respectively).

opera-web-browserOpera Version 10 has been in Beta since June and now it is ready for prime time Internet Browsing. It boasts new technology called Opera Turbo and it is designed to speed up browsing experience for slower connections, up to 8 times faster according to Opera.

I like Opera, but must admit that it is not as easy for me to customize as Firefox, which is what I use 99% of the time. Opera is very popular in Europe and they also have a great mobile browser, Opera Mini. You can download Opera here and can download Opera Mini here. I really like Opera Mini.

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4 thoughts on “Opera Web Browser Version 10

  1. Anthony

    I think Opera is a good option and it is easier to customize than Explorer or Safari (I like blocking Flash, for example) but not as easy to customize as Firefox. Also, I really like Opera mobile. However, I am not cool enough to own a Mac or an iPhone, Faizan – I have to work with PCs and a Palm – haha :). I tried Chrome a while back, but it locked up more than I expected, so I ditched it. Maybe I should look at it again.

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