Our Blog Readers Are Foxy

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I check the server logs daily (sometimes several times per day) to get a pulse on the blog. One of the statistics I monitor is what browsers our visitors are using.

Most “web experts” say that 80% of Internet users prefer (probably more likely that they do not know they have other options) Internet Explorer and about 13.5% use Firefox. However, that is not the case on this blog. Here is our breakdown:

  • 47% – Firefox – 47%
  • 38% – Internet Explorer
  • 15% – Opera, Safari, Netscape, Camino

This shows that our readers are Foxy! If you don’t use Firefox, we still love you too! But, if you want to join the collective, click here and check out Firefox

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2 thoughts on “Our Blog Readers Are Foxy

  1. Surge

    I did a breakdown of that too earlier and the numbers are even further apart on my blog. Yours shouldbe more accurate though since you’ve had more traffic. Today I downloaded Mozilla’s Thurnderbird, to see how much better that is than OE. I’m not sure I want to use it for RSS feeds though.

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