Skype Has Worms?

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In case you are new to our blog, we LOVE Skype because it allows subscribers to make FREE calls from computer to computer AND free calls (until the end of this month) from computer to landline or cell phone. Free is always nice. But, there appears to be a little hiccup.

Websense has found a worm that is replicating through Skype.

It seems that a potential victim will get a chat message through Skype Chat. In that message, the target is asked to download a file called sp.exe.

If this file is downloaded and installed, it attempts to steal passwords and other sensitive data from the user’s computer. It will also attempt to connect to a remote computer to download more little nasties.

Personally, I feel that this is allot of steps to take before the user is actually in any danger. And, really, if a person would download a file through chat THEN install said file, without knowing anything about it, I question whether they are competent enough to even turn their computer on.

Hopefully, that means the risk is minimal, just be careful. Skype is very popular (that is why Ebay purchased it) so it will probably become a juicier target for worms, viruses and other unsavories.

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