Sony’s “Home” Raises Sony’s Ego

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Sony has been know, especially in the recent console wars against the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, to be somewhat of a hound whenever it comes to their comments made on the other systems, or any competition in that matter. Why change now? Sony has recently announced Sony “Home” for their Playstation 3, where users can create their own 3D avatar and much more, does it have what it takes to stake their claims of it being better than already existent and dominant Xbox Live and Second Life?

At GDC, Sony unveiled their new virtual universe for the Playstation 3 titled “Home”, which is where users can create their own 3D avatar based community social system, made to compete with Xbox Live and games like Second Life. Home puts users in a real-time 3D environment where they are able to manage their own personal spaces, talk to each other, and engage in online games. Sony also boasted other features such as the ability to navigate around an open-ended “Home” world and having the ability to create highly diverse avatars (Sony’s Mii?), which does not sound to original to me, since Nintendo has already done the avatar diversity part with their Mii creation system, and it has also been enacted in almost every single RPG released in the last year.

“Home is a much more rich, user friendly experience than Second Life, allowing for ease of entry and use, as well as being fully-functional with the technology and capabilities of PS3,” said Sony representative in an interview with playfuls. Later in the interview the representative continued to bash Xbox Live claiming it to be “Text-Heavy, limited, and Static” and later claimed the apparent twin to “Second Life” as being much more rich and user-friendly.

I feel Sony’s Ego is big enough how it is, and their soon release of Sony’s Playstation 3 “Home” will only boost it even more, their hounding comments towards other systems that have continued to outsell them, and receive better response is ridiculous as well. Sony’s “Home” does sound interesting, but better than Second Life and Xbox Live’s already feature rich community will be something we will all just have to wait and see about.

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