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Sony’s “Home” Raises Sony’s Ego

Mar 12, 2007

Sony has been know, especially in the recent console wars against the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, to be somewhat of a hound whenever ...

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Time Waster Rehash

Feb 2, 2007

I ran across this Time Waster post from last year and it is still a time waster! It is a great Flash game called Monkey Lander from Totebo Online Game...

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Another Time Waster: Free Online Game

Jan 17, 2007

Gamma Brothers is the latest way to waste your time. However, this one will give you a flash back! Fire it up (free online interface OR download it to...

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Malware Targets for 2007

Dec 28, 2006

The Internet is launching new technologies almost daily, it seems. This year, Web 2.0 really took off as a buzz word, along with Ajax (no, not the hou...


Nintendo Wii Strap Recall

Dec 15, 2006

I guess Nintendo learned something about damage control from Sony’s Laptop battery fire hazard fiasco (remember the pictures of the grilled-to-p...

Are You Kiddin' Me?, Gaming

Nintendo Wii Outsells Sony PS3

Dec 12, 2006

Not good news for Sony. I would have thought that with all of the violence surrounding PS3 sales, that they would have been top-dog. However, in the U...


Apple Game Console?

Dec 7, 2006

According to ExtremeTech, some guy named Jesse Tortora from Prudential speculates that Apple could be preparing to enter the game console market. He s...

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Sony PlayStation 3 and Older Games

Nov 14, 2006

With Sony getting their…um…hat handed to them in the flat panel TV market, computers and portable music players, they are desperate for a ...

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Sony Playstation 3 Games

Oct 23, 2006

Sony has released a nice set of Playstation 3 games that will be offered starting in November. Here is a list of games that they have so far: Resistan...

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Best Buy also has PS3 games for pre-order

Jun 14, 2006

from engadget What, you thought Best Buy liked Nintendo better than Sony? Never one to play favorites (except to customers who buy those shady warrant...

Gaming, General has Wii games available for pre-order

Jun 14, 2006

from engadget The kind folks at Best Buy have pulled off the shadester move of the week, and are offering Nintendo Wii games for “pre-order.R...

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Nintendo Wii Not to Exceed $250

May 25, 2006

We will see about that. However, if it is true, that is half of what a base PS3 will run you. Hmmmm. Very interesting. I don’t know if I like Ma...


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