Symbian Mobile OS Targeted

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As more and more people opt for SmartPhones, it stands to reason that they will become juicer targets of malware and virus writers. That is apparently what is happening to some smart phones running the Symbian OS.

According to mobile anti-virus company NetQin there are new viruses targeting mobile phones disguised as hot topics like Free World Cup VOD.

Infection scenario: Smart Phone owner downloads an innocent game for their phone (some of those games are soooo cool). The game is infected w/ the ShadowSrv.A, FC.Downsis.A and BIT.NmapPlug.A mobile virus. That virus springs into action by sending SMS to all contacts listed in the phone with an interestingly titled link (Check out this World Cup video). Contact clicks on link in the message and is sent to a website hosting more viruses and then they are infected. And so on.

Right now, the Symbian OS is being targeted (S60 platform 3rd Ed. (Symbian OS 9.1) as well as S60 5th ed. (Symbian OS 9.4) which is used by Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. If you are using one of those brands, you should consider adding some type of mobile anti-virus (check with your Wireless Carrier for suggestions) and don’t click on any suspicious links you receive.

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