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Everyone loves FREE. So, here is a list of some of the best free software we have found with regards to web design and development. We personally use or have used the software listed here and none of these software makers paid us to get listed here. We did it because we are just so darn nice :).

Web Graphics

  • Top Pick for Screen Capture Software – Faststone
  • Top Pick for Screen recording software – CamStudio
  • Top Pick for Graphics Editing – Gimp

Web Development

  • Top Pick for FTP – Total commander
  • Top Pick for Text Editor – Notepad ++ (Text editor and much more – way better than Microsoft Notepad)
  • Top Pick for ActionScript editor – SEPY actionscript editor – Edit or create Actionscript without even opening Flash

Web Browsing

  • Top Pick for Web Browsing – Firefox – no explanation needed 🙂
  • VERY close second – Opera – Web browser that has plenty of benefits

Web Safety

This concludes our list of the best free software related to web design. I am sure there will be some differing of opinions, so if you have ones that you are particularly fond of, feel free to speak up. As I mentioned in the introduction, we either use or have used all of the software on this list, so we recommend from experience :).

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