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3 Common Web Design Mistakes

So you are finally ready to create that web site for your small business.  You have spent countless hours pouring over hundreds of web sites to get some ideas and now you have a good picture in your mind of what you want your site to do and how you want it to look.  All that is left is for you to code it up and upload it live to the Internet, right?  Well, maybe.  But there are a few things that you have hopefully taken into consideration:

1 – Your new web site needs plenty of content

Don’t think that you can write a paragraph or two for your Home page, create an “About Us” page, sprinkle a few pictures here and there and call it a day. Depending on your market and how competitive it is, it may be necessary for you to create a web site that includes dozens or maybe even hundreds of pages of content. Your particular industry will be your guide. See what you competition is offering on their sites. Think about how you want your visitors to interact with your site (commonly referred to as User Experience or UX). After considering things like that you will have a pretty good idea of what types of content will be required of your web site.

2 – You must keep your web site content fresh

Would you keep visiting a store if they never displayed new products? Of course not. Well, the content on your web site is just like that store’s products. You have to keep it fresh to keep your visitors coming back. In addition, fresh web site content keeps the Search Engines coming back because they know there will probably be something new for them to index.

3 – Create Search Engine friendly code for your web site

If you are not sure how to complete this step in the process, you may want to enlist the help of a professional. But, do not fall for the promises that some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms make when they guarantee top 10 results. No one can “guarantee” that. If they could, trust me, they would not have to advertise because their phones would be ringing off the hook. A reputable firm will not make SEO guarantees. In fact, here’s what Google itself says about that on their website:
Info from Google's Website(source)

So do your homework before you hire. If you think we can be of assistance, please fill out our contact form and we will get right back to you.

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