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ADP Latest Database Hack Victim

Sep 16, 2007

ADP (Automatic Data Processing) announced Friday that hackers had broken into a third-party database and stolen business contact information. The hack...


U.S. Based Web Sites Spit Out Most Malware

Aug 24, 2007

A report by Cyveillance found that most malware found on the Internet comes from web sites hosted in the U.S. Here is a link to their report as a PDF ...

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Microsoft Patch Tuesday for August

Aug 11, 2007

Microsoft is prepared to issue patches for 9 holes in the Windows operating system and in Microsoft Office with 6 of the 9 fixes being labeled as R...

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McAfee Offers Free Rootkit Detector

Jul 27, 2007

McAfee has released Rootkit Detective 1.0 to help uses detect and remove any pesky rootkits that may be running on their computers. Here are a few of ...

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Apple iPhone Vulnerable?

Jul 23, 2007

According to an article in the New York Times, there may be a security flaw in the iPhone which could allow a hacker to hijack it. Independent Securit...

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Botnets Are Fun

Jul 23, 2007

If you believe that, you probably also believe that there is a Prince in another country that needs your help to secretly move millions of dollars out...

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Stolen TJ Maxx Data Surfaces Again

Jul 11, 2007

On June 9, the US Secret Service announced the arrests of some Cuban Nationals after they allegedly used stolen data from the TJ Maxx data breach and ...

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Defense Department Computers Attacked

Jun 21, 2007

Earlier today, the U.S. Defense Department took about 1,500 computers offline due to a cyber attack that happened Wednesday. Of course, few details we...

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Spam King Robert Soloway Denied Bail

Jun 14, 2007

It appears that Robert Soloway will have to sit in jail until his August 6 trial begins. The judge pointed out that Soloway could easily start spammin...


Spammer Robert Alan Soloway Arrested and Charged

May 31, 2007

After several years of investigation by U.S. authorities, Robert Alan Soloway, AKA “The Spam King”, has been arrested and charged with mon...


New Version of Gozi Trojan Circulating

May 25, 2007

Russian Trojan Gozi has a new variant that is circulating the Internet. This version is very difficult for anti-virus programs to detect because it sc...

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More Dangerous Than Hackers

May 25, 2007

The July edition of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication is going to have an article that will provide some eye-opening information on the m...


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