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Wikipedia Takes on Yahoo!, Google

Mar 9, 2007

Wikipedia is working on a plan to create a search engine to take on Google and Yahoo!. According to Jimmy Wales, their goal is to take about 5 percent...

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Peter Norvig Criticizes Alexa

Mar 6, 2007

Peter Norvig is the director of research at Google and a post on his blog weighs in on the whole Alexa is Awesome vs. Alexa is Flawed debate. He has p...


China Search Marketing Tour 2007!

Feb 21, 2007

Yes, it’s back again! SEM and sightseeing, what a combination. This year’s China Search Marketing Tour is about to kickoff and they are on...

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Yahoo Makes Search Box for Blogs

Feb 8, 2007

Yahoo! released its Search Builder toward the end of last year and it was a nice option if you wanted to use something other than Google’s searc...

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Google Webmaster Console Adds Backlink Feature

Feb 6, 2007

The next time you check your Google Webmaster Console, you will see a new feature which will show some of the backlinks that point to your domain. Aft...

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I Still Hate Writing .htaccess Files

Feb 3, 2007

A well-written .htaccess file can do wonders for your Search Engine rankings. One of its main benefits is that you can set it up so that your web page...

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Basic SEO Tip Number One: Title Tags

Jan 27, 2007

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) seems to be ever-changing. Someone is always coming out with a new way to track rankings, results or keywords. There ...

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Google Building Data Center In Lenoir NC

Jan 21, 2007

Friday, Google said that it would invest about $600 million to build a new data center in Lenoir, NC. This data center will create about 200 jobs and ...


Yahoo! Updating Search Results

Jan 20, 2007

Recently, we have been getting more Yahoo! Search Engine love. Yahoo! has always been the more difficult of the three major Search Engines, Google and...

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Google PageRank

Jan 12, 2007

Every 4 months or so, the Internet is hit with a flurry of posts and articles all with the same headline, more or less: “Google is Updating Page...

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Build Blog Traffic: Backlinking

Jan 9, 2007

Here is another short and sweet post listing another technique for building traffic to your blog: Backlinking. This also overlaps into the SEO field a...


DMOZ Descriptions for your Web Site

Jan 5, 2007

Disclaimer: For most web masters, this may be old news. But, there are some out there that still do not know this, so that is the reason for this post...


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