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New Google Trademarks

Sep 27, 2006

Google has applied for a new Trademark which is related to one of their newest domains: Indexbench.  Additionally, they have registered several other...

General, SEO/SEM

Google Adsense Code Addition

Sep 26, 2006

Google has created a new line of code that will be displayed in the page code for Adsense. Apparently, no one needs to update their pages with the new...

General, SEO/SEM Trying to Increase Market Share

Sep 20, 2006

IAC Chief Executive ( Barry Diller said today that the company’s Internet search service could possibly grow its market share to 8 to 10...

General, SEO/SEM

Google Image Labeler – Compete with Flickr?

Sep 4, 2006

Google has released a new “game” called Image Labeler.  When you play this game, you and another online participant chosen randomly will ...

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New Firefox Extension

Aug 30, 2006

Alexei Sergeev, a programmer from Russia, has completed work on a beta version of a blog submission (registration) tool. It is called SubmitEmNow and ...

General, SEO/SEM

DMOZ Editor Removed

Aug 25, 2006

If you have ever submitted a web site to dmoz, you probably know about the loooooong time it takes to start showing up (if ever). Well, here is a stor...

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What is Your Story?

Aug 14, 2006

We get allot of traffic from all over the world each month. We are really happy that so many visit our blog! In an effort to make sure we are providin...

General, SEO/SEM

Google Webmaster Central

Aug 6, 2006

Google Sitemaps has a new name: Google Webmaster Central.  Since last year, it has been the location for webmasters to submit their URLs, view your w...

General, SEO/SEM

New Yahoo! Search Crawler

Aug 2, 2006

If you spend any time looking through your web site traffic logs (you do that, right ;)) you will start seeing some hits from “Slurp”.  T...

General, SEO/SEM

Who Cares About Valid HTML?

Jul 5, 2006

Two suprising things happened yesterday: (1) I watched the local news and (2) I began to wonder about the importance of valid HTML code. The general c...


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