Centralized Storage for Your Business

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So you have 2 PCs or maybe even 10 PCs in your business. Each person has their own files on their PCs and makes changes to those files when necessary. Though, what if you have files that need to be shared by everyone (or even certain people) in the business? What if multiple people need to make changes to a single file? Things can easily get tangled pretty quickly. Causing time wasted by emailing files back and forth and making sure the person received it, etc…  This is where having a network and a NAS comes in handy.

What is NAS? Otherwise known as a Network Attached Storage Drive, a NAS is basically a hard drive that can be accessed anywhere in your business, wirelessly and even remotely. Being able to work on files from home is always nice. :c) With a NAS, data can be centrally stored and set up with permissions for either all or certain users in your business. This way, files may be shared with ease, both instantly and efficiently. Another great thing about a NAS is that it is easily backed up so that your data is safe and your PCs don’t even have to be on overnight.

If you are interested in having either  a network, a NAS drive, or both set up for your business, please send me an email and I will give you all of the details.   

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