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Google Chrome to Start Labeling Non-HTTPS Sites “Not Secure”

Jan 27, 2017

Google Chrome browser version 56 will begin warning users of Non-HTTPS web pages. If you don't have an SSL certificate for your site, let us help....

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No Blogging For Six Months

Aug 15, 2009

Today it has officially been 6 months since we created a post on this blog. We intentionally stopped blogging just to see how much blogging REALLY hel...

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Centralized Storage for Your Business

Jun 2, 2008

So you have 2 PCs or maybe even 10 PCs in your business. Each person has their own files on their PCs and makes changes to those files when necess...

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Disable Startup Programs in XP and Vista

Jun 2, 2008

After using your PC for a while you may notice that it seems to take longer and longer to start up. This can be extremely annoying, especially if all ...

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SpyBossPro: The Latest Spyware Threat

Jun 2, 2008

The latest and most annoying piece of spyware released is called SpyBossPro. This piece of software is pretty sneaky and could cause plenty of headach...

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Monthly Tech Support

May 15, 2008

As a part of the Crystal Coast Technologies Tech Support program we are now offering monthly tech support service to businesses both large and small. ...

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What are Malware and Viruses?

May 15, 2008

These two types of software are very similar to each other although they are not the same thing. Many times mistaken as a virus, malware can wreak h...

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Top 10 Security Tips For Your Small Business Part 2

May 1, 2008

To continue our Top 10 list of simple (and mostly free) security tips for your small business. 7. Watch out for email attachments Email attachments ca...

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What exactly is Adware

May 1, 2008

To continue our journey into the land of annoying pop-ups and information stealing software, let’s talk about Adware. Adware is in the same group as...

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The Importance of Data Backups

May 1, 2008

These days almost any business large or small has some type of important electronic data that they rely on. Whether it be email, financial, or basic d...


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