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This is a very basic tip about clearing your browser cache and so most readers already know how to do this. But, there are still some that do not know how to manually clear out the web browser cache so, here is a little how-to.

First, your web browser cache stores information about all of the websites that you have visited, how long you stayed on each site, what pages of that web site that you visited, etc. Some people do not want to have that information stored on their computer. Now, there are literally dozens of programs out there that will clear out your browser cache at specific intervals for you automatically, but there are times when you may want to clear your cache immediately. For example, right after you have visited your online banking web site. If that is the case, here is what you can do:

Internet Explorer 6

  1. Select Tools
  2. Select Internet Options
  3. Your Internet Options box should open to the General tab
  4. In the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Delete Files button
  5. Click OK and then click OK again
  6. Now, all of the files stored in your browser cache are deleted :).

From Microsoft’s Web Site
clear cache internet explorer

Firefox Web Browser

  1. Select Tools
  2. Select Options
  3. Select Privacy tab
  4. In the Private Data section, select Clear Now…
  5. In the Clear Private Data box, make sure that Cache is selected
  6. Click the Clear Private Data Now button
  7. Click OK
  8. Your cache is cleared now 🙂

I was going to post a screenshot showing these steps, but since the look of theFirefox web browser can be customized from person to person, I wanted to avoid any confusion that might arise when one sees that their boxes and buttons appear differently from mine. I hope the written steps provide enough information.

You should try to remember to manually clear your browser cache if you have visited a secure site like an online banking site or an e-commerce site. That is a good way to keep you private data private ;).

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