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Perform Your Automatic Windows Update

Dec 9, 2009

If you see the Microsoft Update Icon in your system tray, that means you need to take action and apply a security update to Windows.

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Most Computer Attacks From US

Apr 17, 2007

Symantec released its Internet Security Threat report last month and it contained some very interesting information with regarding the state of Intern...

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Lenovo Will Pre-load Microsoft’s Web Toolbar

Mar 14, 2007

Lenovo desktop computers and laptops will start showing up with the Web Toolbar from Microsoft pre-loaded. The two companies announced their deal yest...

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Microsoft Patches Six Critical Flaws

Feb 14, 2007

When you are the world’s largest maker of software and your software runs on about 95 percent of the world’s computers, you are going to h...

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Clear Your Web Browser Cache

Feb 13, 2007

This is a very basic tip about clearing your browser cache and so most readers already know how to do this. But, there are still some that do not know...

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Microsoft Updates IE7 Anti-Phishing Filter

Feb 10, 2007

Back in December, Microsoft issued a fix for the IE7 anti-phishing filter but it did not totally fix the problem. There have been several complaints t...

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Weekly Rehash

Dec 24, 2006

Here are a few of our more popular posts for this past week: Technorati Love Speed Up Firefox and Internet Explorer Undesirable “feature” ...

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Speed Up Firefox and IE

Dec 19, 2006

As if Firefox wasn’t fast enough :), Serge at webspeaker found a cool video that shows how to speed it up even more. If you use Firefox and want...

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Microsoft Speeds Up IE7 Phishing Filter

Dec 16, 2006

We are Firefox people here and plan on staying that way, especially since Firefox is currently under the radar of those wacky hackers :). However, we ...

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Firefox Gains on Internet Explorer

Dec 6, 2006

Net Applications says that Firefox’s share of the browser market increased in November. Usage of Mozilla’s Firefox browser was up to 13.5%...


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