Google CEO Joins Apple

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been appointed to the Board of Directors for Apple Computer. Hmmmm…does this mean a future partnership between the two? Experts are certainly not ruling that out and what it all means is the subject of much speculation. Google would probably love to get its software offerings and tools factory installed on Apple desktops and portables (it already has a similar deal with Dell).
Additionally, the two companies have similar web interests: Apple leads online music and Google dominates the search sector.Microsoft is closely monitoring the situation, I am sure. They will surely react quickly if Google’s new business applications start showing up built-in to Apple machines. Google’s apps will compete with Microsoft Office and the office productivity area is Microsoft’s turf.

However, this is all speculation. Google loves this type of thing. The hype builds, a plan of attack is realesed, their stock rises. Stay tuned.

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