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802.11n – Tired of Waiting

Aug 31, 2006

The IEEE is dragging their feet and so, the new 802.11n standard remains on hold. However, consumers, always eager for bigger-better-faster, are getti...

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Google CEO Joins Apple

Aug 31, 2006

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been appointed to the Board of Directors for Apple Computer. Hmmmm…does this mean a future partnership between the t...

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Microsoft Word vs. Everyone Else

Aug 29, 2006

Regular readers of our blog will know that we love OpenOffice. It is free, it works and its free. Plus, it is free. But, let’s say that you want...

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Free Online Small Business Software

Aug 16, 2006

Farrellsoft has released a great little business software package called businessITonline. It is an online small business software package that runs r...

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Dell Laptop Batteries Recalled

Aug 15, 2006

Dell is recalling more than 4 million (yes, that is million) laptop batteries. You may have heard about the sudden fires… Anyway, this could als...

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eEye Releases Free Vulnerability Scanner

Aug 10, 2006

eEye has created a scanner which will detect and flag IP addresses that are vulnerable to the coming latest worm attack. Microsoft released patches on...

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Is Firefox Safer than Internet Explorer?

Aug 2, 2006

About 2 years ago, there was a migration to Firefox by many. They believed that Firefox was a safer web browser than Microsoft Internet Explorer. Howe...

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Mozilla to Update Firefox (again)

Aug 2, 2006

If you are a user of Firefox, you should make sure you are updated. Mozilla Corp. will update Firefox for the second time in seven days because last w...

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Test Your VoIP Speed

Jul 26, 2006

Jim at Skype Journal turned us on to a great VoIP tool. The next time you are in a hotel or a coffeeshop that offers WiFi, click over to MyVoIPSpeed a...

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GuardID Systems Releases ID Vault

Jul 20, 2006

from K.C. Jones at TechWeb ID Vault is a a single-function USB token, contains a smart card chip that stores user names and passwords for all online a...

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Dell Offers 802.11n Wireless Card

Jul 19, 2006

Evidently, Dell is tired of waiting for approval of the proposed 802.11n wireless standard. Currently, the draft of that standard is bogged down in re...

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New Worm Hits MySpace

Jul 18, 2006

MySpace is dealing with a worm which is spreading by embedding JavaScript code into users’ profiles that redirects visitors to a site claiming t...


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