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Most new computers these days come preloaded with some form of Internet Security, usually McAfee or, *gasp*, Norton.  These are usually in the form of a trial version for up to 15 months with the hopes that, when the trial period is expired you will be so intimidated by the thought of installing a different one that you will just chose to renew.

Granted, it can be a royal pain switching from one Anti-virus / Spyware protection service to another, but sometimes that is exactly what you should do.  If you are not dead-set on continuing to use what was preloaded for you by your PC manufacturer, here are a few other Internet Security Suites that you would do well to at least consider:

  • TrustPort – Virtual disk encryption utility and included tools to securely shred your deleted data files.  $55/yr. 1 PC.
  • ZoneAlarm – Firewall, privacy controls, anti-virus and parental controls.  $59.95/yr. 3 PCs.
  • BitDefender – Lots of tools and power scanners, plus 2 year online data backup.  $79.95/yr. 3 PCs.

Don’t feel that you have to stick with McAffee or Norton just because that is what your PC came loaded with.  You can switch and you might find something better.  All of the products listed above have a fully functional trial so you can test before you buy.

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