Linux Iphone Killer On Way!

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The New Neo1973 is causing some buzz around the web, and it very well should. Linux is one of the best known open-source software platforms around the world, ranging from distributions for a user’s desktop all the way to managing a server with one of the most stable reliability ratings possible. With such success being shown in the Linux distributions across the internet Linux has appeared on more than just computers but actually spanned to the Ipod, among many other hand held devices, so the phone was only next.

FIC has announced a Linux based phone named “Neo1973” which will officially be the first low cost (Under $350), high volume phone with an open source Linux based operating system. Like the Iphone the Neo1973 is a gps-enabled mobile phone with a high quality screen, however, it has no hardware keypad and sports the Unix operating system. The biggest difference is that it can do virtually anything a programmer wants it to, and its also around $150 less.

With the new “Neo1973” coming out soon, it can pose a threat to the Iphone and Lg Prada and lead to a new shift in the Cell Phone market if it is widely successful, you could possibly see more phones heading over to the Linux Operating system. This could also pose a threat to Windows Mobile 6 and Windows Mobile’s to come after it, making Window’s mobile a thing of the past before it is even widely used.

With a open source Linux being present on the Neo1973 you can expect plenty of great updates and other various add-ons being provided through the extensive network of Linux coders out there, and even you can pick up a programming book and try out your own software for it! If you want to pick one of the Neo1973’s up, they are not out quite yet, however whenever they are you can expect to pay around $350.

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