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Many of you have used the Regmon and Filemon utilities for Windows. We have used them for quite some time and like them. But now there is a new player in the Windows process monitoring toolbox – Process Monitor. Microsoft acquired Winternals Software back in July and this is a direct result of that. Think of it as Regmon and Filemon on steroids.

Spyware and virus researchers have been using Regmon and Filemon to determine exactly what internal changes occur on an infected machine. This helps them develop patches and solutions.

I certainly am not a spyware or virus researcher. However, when we have something goofy happening on a computer, we like to see exactly what is happening “behind-the-scenes.” So, we can open a utility, like Process Monitor, and get a glimpse. Actually, more than a glimpse. We can get basically any detail we want on any process running on a computer. Best of all, I think, is that all of that research is non-destructive. Meaning, while we are investigating, we will not be leaving any “muddy footprints.”

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The new Process Monitor from Microsoft will not be a hit with everyone because not everyone will need it. But, if you like to know the why’s and how’s of things going on in your computer, you should jump over to their website and grab the free download.

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