Most Computer Attacks From US

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Symantec released its Internet Security Threat report last month and it contained some very interesting information with regarding the state of Internet security. Why should home computer users in the United States using Internet Explorer as their web browser pay particular attention?

  • One-third of the world’s computer attacks originate in the United States.
  • More than half of the DoS (denial of service) attacks are aimed at the US.
  • More than ninety percent of all computer attacks target the home user.
  • Hackers love Internet Explorer, targeting it in seventy-seven percent of their attacks.
  • Eighty-six percent of the debit and credit card numbers for sale by bad guys were issued by banks in the United States.

What can be done about these disturbing facts? Move out of the United States, don’t use your computer at home, switch to Firefox or Opera as your web browser and cut up your credit cards. That should do it.

Seriously, keep your computer updated – Microsoft updates the Windows Operating system on the second Tuesday of each month. Make sure your have “automatic updates” turned on. Consider switching to Firefox or Opera as your web browser. Both of these are great products and allow for TONS of personalization by the user. Stay safe when using your credit card, especially if you are making purchases online. The TJMaxx incident should have made everyone sit up and take notice.

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