Nofollow No More – For Now Anyway

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After much discussion, we have decided to remove the “no follow” tag from comments made on the blog. Typically, spammers try to take advantage of situations like this. However, I think it is important for bloggers to encourage a thriving blog community. We decided to make this change for two reasons:

  1. We use the Akismet plugin for WordPress and it does a super job of catching spam comments.
  2. I felt it was important to reward those who take the time to leave a comment on the blog with a little “link-love”. Our blog is PR4 currently, so leaving a comment will give you a decent little backlink.

I hope that this works out well and that people do not take advantage of it. If we see a bunch of comments like: “Nice post!” or “I agree!”, things like that which offer nothing of benefit, we may have to bring “no follow” back.

Until then, feel free to comment and reap the rewards :).

If you want to join our “link-love” community, here is the code for the button link love graphic:

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9 thoughts on “Nofollow No More – For Now Anyway

  1. Zigire

    I get an email every time a trackback or comment is added to the site. So I can see straight away if I need to delete it.

    I guessing because I checked the “Email Me when Anyone posts a comment” option in Options > Discussion

  2. Anthony

    We have never gotten an email about a trackback, but we do get them for blog comments. We will have to keep our eyes open. Thanks, Zigire :).

  3. robwatts

    Good move Anthony. If you start getting a few me2’s or hi there nice blog type posts you could always just delete them of course ๐Ÿ™‚

    It would be a shame to punish a majority on the back of the actions of a minority.

    Good work! Ps love the little ajaxification here on the comments ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Cord

    Hi there, congratulations on your dofollow ๐Ÿ™‚ I suggest you join the group on . I believe that this “no nofollow” movement is going the put more personality among blogs…

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