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Great Typography Formula for Web Design »

Admittedly, we have not always done well with the typography in our web designs and we are continually working at it. One area that does not have to be as difficult to get right is “measure” or the length of a line of type.

Ideally, the measure should be somewhere between 50 and 80 characters long. We have not always followed that, unfortunately, and anything longer than 80 starts to get difficult for the viewer to read. Even this post you are reading right now does not follow that rule perfectly. Hey, I am being honest here :)

To achieve a good measure, the designer should consider adjusting the font-size and Robert Bringhurst came up with a great formula for that: Multiply the font-size by 30 to give you the acceptable measure for each line (font-size X 30 = measure). For example, if your font size is to be 12px, a good measure would be 360px.

Additionally, you could take the size of space on your design that is to contain type and divide that by 30 (font container / 30 = measure) to give you a starting point. So if your design calls for a 500px area of type, your font-size would be 17px. That, of course, is just a starting point. No one would want to read a paragraph of 17px text – yikes. You would probably want to find some ways to adjust that area in your design (pullquotes, images, etc.).
There are many rules and suggestions regarding typography in your design. This is just one area and we are going to try to post some other tips as we pick them up. We have found some really great guides and articles out there and will be compiling them into a post.


Facebook Dislike Button Scam »

Facebook users beware! A scam making the rounds on Facebook says that one of your friends has downloaded the new Facebook Dislike Button and gives you a link to download it. However, the link will only download the scammer’s personal Facebook application which will give them access to your complete profile and allow them to spam all of your friends by sending messages from your account.
For the record there is no official Dislike button option from Facebook. So don’t fall for it :-). But, if you really want that function and you use the Firefox web browser, you can install a 3rd party addon from FaceMod which will give you the Dislike button functionality, although I have not personally tested it.
Here is a link to FaceMod’s website where you can get the details.


Symbian Mobile OS Targeted »

As more and more people opt for SmartPhones, it stands to reason that they will become juicer targets of malware and virus writers. That is apparently what is happening to some smart phones running the Symbian OS.

According to mobile anti-virus company NetQin there are new viruses targeting mobile phones disguised as hot topics like Free World Cup VOD.

Infection scenario: Smart Phone owner downloads an innocent game for their phone (some of those games are soooo cool). The game is infected w/ the ShadowSrv.A, FC.Downsis.A and BIT.NmapPlug.A mobile virus. That virus springs into action by sending SMS to all contacts listed in the phone with an interestingly titled link (Check out this World Cup video). Contact clicks on link in the message and is sent to a website hosting more viruses and then they are infected. And so on.

Right now, the Symbian OS is being targeted (S60 platform 3rd Ed. (Symbian OS 9.1) as well as S60 5th ed. (Symbian OS 9.4) which is used by Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Nokia. If you are using one of those brands, you should consider adding some type of mobile anti-virus (check with your Wireless Carrier for suggestions) and don’t click on any suspicious links you receive.


NASA Updates Website »

In addition to all the space missions, NASA has been busy with a much needed update to their website. They already had the best website of all the US Government agencies, but the site now has a much better navigational interface and better options for visitors to share information on Social Networks like Facebook.

In a future website update, they will be adding a ‘Like’ button that will directly integrate with Facebook.

You can easily spend a TON of time looking at the hundreds of uber-cool images and videos on the site and now they will be easier to navigate to and view.

If you have not visited their site in a while, you should check it out http://www.nasa.gov/. Good stuff.


Automatically Check Your Level of Privacy on Facebook »

Our friend Richard over at Akira Media found a great link to a site that will let you see how much of your personal information is visible to strangers through Facebook.

If you are concerned about your Facebook Privacy, go to the Reclaim Privacy website and follow the steps to check. It is super easy and very enlightening and might just prevent you from letting everyone on the planet know some of your personal information.

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