Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade to Vista

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With so much hype about Vista, from its official launching to its Mac OSX-like GUI, you should be asking yourself these questions:

  1. Why should I upgrade to Vista?
  2. Why I should not upgrade to Vista?
  3. Which is better? XP or Vista?

APC Magazine ran a post on 10 reasons not to get Vista. The post touched on several of the following:

A quick search on PriceGrabber shows that XP is half the price cheaper than Vista (ALL editions). If you or your company cannot afford XP, needless to say, Vista is definitely out. A cheaper alternative would be using Linux Ubuntu.

Hardware Requirements
When XP was launched, I thought XP’s requirements were demanding. But Vista’s even worse. A quick check with Microsoft shows that in order to run Vista, the minimal requirements are:

  • 800 MHz processor and 512 MB of system memory
  • 20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space
  • Support for Super VGA graphics
  • CD-ROM drive

Application Vista Capability
We ran a post about applications being certified by Microsoft to run on Vista. Adobe’s products and Apple iTunes are not even included in their certified application lists!
As of now, only 800 plus programs are certified, and that’s enough to force you not upgrade for a while.

Hackers Haven?
Unlike XP, when it was released, everyone was talking about its stability and security. For Vista, just days after it was launched, everyone got the news that Vista’s been cracked.

Microsoft Corp. declined comment but did assure the media that they would be working hard to quickly move against the piracy of their products. They are capable of deactivating pirated copies of Windows Vista by sending a patch through Windows Update that can invalidate certain product keys.

I personally think the hackers are around a million steps ahead of them. 😀
Also, about the Microsoft Live OneCare™ post we published, maybe you might want to
hold your horses about signing up after reading this report.

In an evaluation of antivirus products, Microsoft’s Live OneCare didn’t fare very well. Actually, it came in dead last.

User Access Control Flaws
Symantec published a report that Vista’s UAC is extremely unsafe and vulnerable. In their report, they reported that Vista’s firewall can be easily tricked and it is very easy for an attacker to do so. The company said that this vulnerability would not happen if Microsoft did not went ahead with this current UAC design flow.

So what’s your verdict? To buy or not to buy? 🙂

For me, I’ll still be sticking to Windows XP, until all the security issues has been addressed to because I seriously don’t want anonymous people spying on my computer usage.

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