Sony PlayStation 3 and Older Games

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With Sony getting their…um…hat handed to them in the flat panel TV market, computers and portable music players, they are desperate for a big hit with the new PlayStation 3. But, alas, there could be a snag.

Quietly, Sony, in a low, hushed voice, acknowledged that a couple of the games designed for PS2s and PS1s may not work quite exactly perfectly on the new PlayStation 3. Well, ok, maybe more like a few of these games won’t quite play correctly. Alright, alright, let’s just call it an even 8,000. 8,000 older-generation games won’t work correctly on the new PlayStation 3 — even though the PlayStation 3 was billed as being fully compatible with older-generation games.

Ahh…hello. This would have been nice to know a little more in advance of Friday’s Playstation 3 release. I would think that they knew that this was a potential snag. C’mon…you guys need a hit here! Some games actually won’t work at all!

Microsoft Xbox 360, which debuted last year, has had similar problems with older games, so this is not unprecedented.

All-in-all, the PS3 should grab a big market share, so this probably will not be a major hurdle to its success. They have been gobbled up in Japan and, come Friday, that will probably be the case in the US.

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