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There has been allot of talk lately about WiFi enabled cellphones. I, personally, am not ready to jump on board just yet. I have some concerns about security and stuff like that. Anyway, a post on The Wireless Report brings up another potential issue – unauthorized access to wireless networks. As WiFi cellphone use grows, your may notice a decrease in the speed of your wireless Internet connection:

users will be making calls from open wireless networks, thus increasing the frequency of people piggybacking on others’ accessibility.

Very good point. But, there is an easy fix for that, one which we have posted about before and The Wireless Report mentions also:

the message for those individuals and smaller businesses to secure their wireless networks becomes even stronger. If you don’t want a stranger “borrowing your bandwidth” for these purposes, then take the time to secure your network.

If you have not yet taken steps to protect your wireless network, you are already behind. It is very easy to do and takes only a few minutes. In fact, many wireless router manufacturers will walk you through the process for FREE.

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