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Adobe Creative Suite 4 Voice Recognition

Oct 24, 2008

Adobe has updated and released its Creative Suite 4 for professional media production (aff). This latest version is Adobe’s largest software rel...

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Yahoo! Rolls Out Web Analytics Beta

Oct 10, 2008

Five months after acquiring web analytics company Index Tools, Yahoo! has announced that they are launching Web Analytics Beta. That is actually a pre...

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Wikia Search Update

Aug 25, 2008

Wikia Search was launched in Alpha earlier this year and we have been watching it out of the corner of our eye to gauge its progress.  At first, wow,...

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Yahoo Updates Search Algorithms

Jul 1, 2008

Yesterday, Yahoo announced that they are in process of rolling out some algorithm changes.  This means, don’t freak out if your Yahoo! rankings...

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Microsoft Pays You to Search

May 21, 2008

In an attempt to lure people to its Search Engine, Microsoft announced a plan that will give a rebate to searchers who search for products through Liv...

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Yahoo Responds to Microsoft – Again

Apr 7, 2008

Since Microsoft’s attempt earlier this month to bully Yahoo into submission, Yahoo decided to publicly respond. In a letter sent over the weeken...

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Yahoo Improves Search Market Share in December

Jan 26, 2008

With all that shopping going on in December, it should come as no surprise that Search Engine traffic was down slightly (-3.9%) across the board durin...

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Wikia Search Alpha Launched

Jan 7, 2008

Jimmy Wales announced the Alpha release of Wikia Search, which many have been waiting for for about a year since he first announced the project. I jum...


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