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New Windows Version Officially Named

Oct 26, 2008

After months of using the codename of Windows 7 for the “after Vista OS”, Microsoft officially announced that the name of the new version ...

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Microsoft Opening European Search Centers

Oct 3, 2008

Steve Balmer of Microsoft announced Thursday that they were opening 3 R&D centers in Europe as part of their ongoing efforts to catch up to Google...

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New Microsoft Pay to Search Program

Oct 1, 2008

Microsoft started an initiative back in May called Live Search Cashback which provides rebates to users of its search engine who search for and purcha...

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Cuil First Impressions

Jul 29, 2008

By now, I would imagine that everyone in the SEO world has at least heard of the new startup search engine called Cuil (pronounced “cool”)...

Microsoft, microsoft live search, microsoft rebate, search engine

Microsoft Pays You to Search

May 21, 2008

In an attempt to lure people to its Search Engine, Microsoft announced a plan that will give a rebate to searchers who search for products through Liv...

Microsoft, microsoft yahoo bid, search engine, yahoo

Yahoo Responds to Microsoft – Again

Apr 7, 2008

Since Microsoft’s attempt earlier this month to bully Yahoo into submission, Yahoo decided to publicly respond. In a letter sent over the weeken...

Google, google market share, Microsoft, search engine

Yahoo Improves Search Market Share in December

Jan 26, 2008

With all that shopping going on in December, it should come as no surprise that Search Engine traffic was down slightly (-3.9%) across the board durin...

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November Search Engine Market Share

Jan 3, 2008

There were no significant changes in Search Engine market share from October to November ’07, according to Virginia based Internet information p...


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