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What Does Google Know About You?

Google technology is everywhere these days. We use it to e-mail, instant message, plan our day, watch videos and, of course, search the Internet. But all that convenience gives Google plenty of opportunities to gather information about us. Take a look: Google Mail – Your e-mail history and the default setting stores your e-mails forever. […]

Read Adding AskEraser

In this age of greater concern for privacy on the Internet, appears to be offering the first significant way to protect its users search privacy. According to a press release posted on IAC Search & Media’s web site, is working on AskEraser which will give its users the ability to completely remove their […]


How Many People Visited Your Web Site Today?

If you don’t know, you are missing a vital step in determining whether web site is successful or if you are just wasting your money.


Net Neutrality Rant

These days there are two types of people: Those for Net Neutrality and those against Net Neutrality. I am a card carrying citizen of the “For Net Neutrality” village and I am happy with the way the Internet is currently operating. We can get to the content we want when we want it, we can […]


Wikipedia Takes on Yahoo!, Google

Wikipedia is working on a plan to create a search engine to take on Google and Yahoo!. According to Jimmy Wales, their goal is to take about 5 percent of the Internet search market. He announced Wikiasari last year as a competitor to Google and one that would be more difficult to spam. However, according […]


Google Apps an Alternative to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is currently the industry standard as far as meeting the needs of business owners around the world. Google is attempting to change that. Google Apps is going business with added features through a premier bundle of Google Apps for a small annual fee of $50. Microsoft welcomes the competition as “keeping them on […]


Google Desktop Search Exploit Patched

Google recently released a notice of a severe bug in their Desktop Search Tool, which allows users to search Google from their desktop. The leak is a weak string of code within the program itself that, if altered, would allow a hacker full access to the user’s computer and ultimately the hacker could search the […]


Internet Security – Your Computer and You [I]

I am beginning on a multi-part series on Internet Security which concerns you, your computer and your data. It will be a weekly edition as I begin to explain to you some technical terms of IS and its threats, so be sure you subscribe to CCT’s feeds. Today is also marked as Safer Internet Day, […]


YouTube to Start Paying Contributors

YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley announced today that they are working on a way to start paying contributors for content they create. They are working with the $1.65 billion they received from their sale to Google in November. Hurley was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland and says this initiative will be a way […]


Internet’s Number One Blogger

This just in, in an unofficial capacity. Despite the violence at several polling stations, the final ballots have been counted and The Internet’s Number One Blogger … (drum roll) …is…. (drum roll stops suddenly) Dean Hunt from Deano’s World – Internet Marketing, Madrid, Life, SEO & More. (crowd goes wild). Of course, this is all […]