Free Skype is Over This Month

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I have been using Skype to make calls from my PC (and my Ipaq with Skype for Pocket PC) to any other North American phone for free since it was first offered May 15 of this year. Since that time, my contact list has grown, I receive NO telemarketer calls and, occasionally, Skype actually asks me about the quality of my connection. What is not to love about that? It is a thing of beauty.

However, the free promotion is over at 11:59 p.m. December 31, 2006. Woe is me. What am I to do? I thought about the Lycos option and it sounds ok, but I am really hooked on Skype. Plus, I just spent the past 6 months getting other people hooked on it.

But wait, what is this? After checking the Skype website, I see that they have a possible solution. Starting in January 2007, 1 year of the same service that I currently have will only cost me $29.95. For the WHOLE YEAR. $29.95, about $2.50 a month. Score!

“But wait, there’s more” (cheesy announcer voice). If I signup before January 31, 2007, it will only cost me $14.95, about $1.25 a month (cue Sally Struthers “For the price of a cup of coffee” you can be making phone calls from your PC).

That is awesome, IMO. Sign me up, Sally!

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